Poster Session

EuroSys’18 posters, as well as selected workshop posters, will be on display during the 3-hour poster session on Tuesday 24 April 2018. EuroSys’18 workshop posters will be on display during lunch on Monday 23 April 2018.

The deadline for poster submission (accepted papers only) is April 13, 2018.


Accepted Posters from Open Call for Posters


  • Deep Reinforcement Learning in Computer Systems: Learning from Traces, M. Schaarschmidt, E. Yoneki (University of Cambridge)


  • Network Control Plane: a Modeling Approach, R. Haecki, T. Roscoe (ETH Zürich)


  • Improving Performance of Distributed TensorFlow using CNN Characteristics Exploiting Model Parallelism, J. Park, J. Lee, S. Noh (UNIST)


  • A low-level dive into building a high-speed NFV dataplane for service chaining, T. Barbette, C. Soldani, R. Gaillard, L. Mathy (University of Liege)


  • Enzian: a research computer for datacenter and rackscale computing, D. Cock, R. Achermann, Z. István, M. Owaida, T. Grosser, Z. Wang, G. Alonso, T. Roscoe (ETH Zürich)


  • Efficiently routing bandwidth demands with incremental stream computation, N. Rustignoli (Open Systems), D. Dimitrova (ETH Zürich), S. Wicki (ETH Zürich), T. Roscoe (ETH Zürich)


  • Privacy-Preserving Sensor Data Analysis for Edge Computing, M. Malekzadeh (Queen Mary University of London), R. Clegg (Queen Mary University of London), A. Cavallaro (Queen Mary University of London), H. Haddadi (Imperial College London)


  • NICA²: Networking Infrastructure for Cloud Application Acceleration, H. Eran (Technion & Mellanox), L. Zeno (Technion), M. Tork (Technion), G. Malka (Technion), M. Silberstein (Technion)